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Why Family Law Experience Matters

| May 19, 2014 | Family Law |

Searching for the right family law attorney is not easy. How do you determine which attorney can bring your case to resolution in the best and most efficient manner? When searching for an attorney, there are several considerations that will impact the entire case, start to finish.

1.  Instinct. An experienced divorce attorney has instinct and wisdom that only comes from many years of practice. A young lawyer or a non-family law specialist may have a lower hourly fee, but that lawyer won’t have the instinct and wisdom that can only be acquired over many years, even decades, of practicing family law. Saving money on hourly fees is not the wisest choice when your children and your life savings are at stake. An experienced, board certified family law attorney is always the best choice except perhaps in the most basic uncontested cases with no children and no property.

2.   Courtroom Experience. Trial experience is extremely important in family law because there is a very high probability your case will find its way inside a courtroom, perhaps multiple times before it’s over. Whether a hearing for temporary orders or a motion to compel or to quash a subpoena, or final trial, your lawyer must be prepared for court. Trial experience is only gained over years of being in trial, regularly. Most non-family law attorneys never go to court. Do you want your lawyer gaining essential trial experience at your expense? You have one shot to get it right and you need experience working on your side. You don’t want to be the party with the least experienced lawyer on the case or in the courtroom.

3.   Reputation. While there are many lawyers in the DFW Metroplex to choose from, most of them may not truly be qualified to handle your family law case. Reputation is important because an attorneys’ reputation precedes him. Look for a lawyer who is involved in his local bar association and active on state bar committees. Involved lawyers are lawyers who care about the law profession and who care about delivering quality services to their clients. Lawyers who give back to the profession through volunteer involvement generally are well known amongst lawyers and generally have a good reputation. Lawyers who are well among their peers and judges will typically give you better representation over the course of the case.

As a whole, experience does matter when it comes to good representation of family law clients. Certainly all lawyers have to start at the beginning and grow over time into better attorneys; but when it comes to representing family law clients, instinct, wisdom, knowledge and trial skills, right now, for you and your case, matter. 

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