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Advocating For Your Fair Share Of The Marital Estate

Often, one of the most complicated issues in a divorce is dividing community property. Most couples commingle their assets after they get married, never imagining that their marriage might someday break down. This makes it difficult to trace one or both parties’ separate property for purposes of dividing the assets and debts.

You deserve to get your proper share of property from the marital estate. Dallas divorce lawyer Steven W. Breneman, of BrunemanLaw PC, has practiced law for nearly 40 years and has a deep understanding of how the Texas courts divide community property in a divorce. He is board-certified in divorce and family law and an aggressive advocate for his clients.

Community Property Division In Texas

At the Texas firm of BrunemanLaw PC, we have experience with all types of assets and liabilities, including:

  • The marital resident and other real property
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • Closely held businesses
  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks and investments
  • Vehicles, valuables and other property
  • Loans, credit cards and other debt

Texas is a community property state, meaning that all wealth and debts acquired during the marriage are divided evenly. It doesn’t matter which spouse earned more or whose name is the title; each is entitled to approximately 50 percent of the estate. The value of an experienced attorney is that they can ensure that the distribution is fair and help you find creative ways to balance out the equation.

Painting The Big Picture

Attorney Bruneman also has a bachelor’s degree in business. Along with his decades of experience, that background helps him read and understand tax returns and other financial documents that are commonly reviewed during a divorce. He frequently works with forensic accountants and other financial professionals if necessary to gain a full picture of the marital portfolio, including transfers or hidden assets.

Our attorney’s deep understanding of financial documents and how business organizations and financial instruments work allows him to frame the case and present expert opinions and evidence in the best possible way to give you an advantage in court. In a contested divorce in Texas, the judge divides property, not a jury. This means cold, hard facts and our attention to detail will position you for the best outcome.

Discover The Bruneman Difference

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